Colt Messenger Service offers numerous options for it's customers and many of these are customizable.

  Direct Delivery (1)
  Express Delivery (1)
  Rush Delivery
  Regular Delivery
  Overnight Delivery

  Scheduled Pickups
  Time sensitive Pickups
  Escrow/Title Document Delivery
  Bank/Lender Document Delivery
  Plus much more

  Proof of delivery(POD) is offered at your request
  Free waiting time (up to 20 min) (2)
  Discounts for multiple deliveries within the same city or route
  Free weight of up to 250lbs. (3)
  Price list is available upon request

(1) Call for Availability on Direct & Express Deliveries.
(2) Additional charges apply for time beyond this limit.
(3) Additional charges apply for weight beyond this limit.

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